Two Cases of Decompression Sickness in Nurse Attendants Due to a Lapse in Protocols Training of Hyperbaric Personnel the European Perspective Safety Management of a Hyperbaric Facility Chamber Attendants Safety at Work: Inside Attendant Decompression Sickness-Risk Factors-Risak Mitigation EFFECTS OF HYPERBARIC OXYGEN THERAPY FOR ACUTE IDIOPATHIC SENSORINEURAL HEARING LOSS THE EFECT OF HYPERBARIC OXYGENATION ON NEUROGENESIS AFTER BRAIN INJURY IN ADULT RATS EFFECTIVENESS OF HYPERBARIC OXYGEN THERAPY IN CHILDREN WITH NEURODEVELOPMENTAL DISORDERS: CONTRIBUTIONS AND LIMITATIONS OF META ANALYSIS EPIDEMIOLOGY IN DIVING MEDICINE: THE SOUTH AFRICAN DIVING FITNESS DATABASE EPIDEMIOLOGY AS DERIVING FROM  DB ANALYSIS OF DAN AMERICA DATABASES EPIDEMIOLOGY AS DERIVING FROM  DB ANALYSIS OF DAN EUROPE DATABASES USA DIVING INJURIES: A TWENTY YEAR REVIEW (1996-2016) EVALUATION OF THE REDOX STATE IN NON PROFESSIONAL SCUBA DIVERS Human Factors in Diving: The Complex Business of Improving Safety Early History of Hyperbaric Medicine in Amsterdam: Open Heart Surgery and Treatment of Infoctions since 1995 Opening Address SOS GELURE International Frostbite Research Programme STROKE AND TBI SURVEY CARE OF INTOXICATION AT THE DEPARTMENT OF SKIKDA IN ALGERIA SIGNIFICANCE OF HYPERBARIC OXYGEN THERAPY (HBOT) IN TREATMENT OF OSTEOMYELITIS PERIPHERAL VASCULAR DISEASE: COMBINED HBOT AND VACUSAC THERAPY Hyperbaric oxygen therapy stimulates colonic stem cells and induces mucosal healing in patients with rerefractory THE ROLE OF HBOT IN TREATMENT OF CHRONIC OSTEOMYELITIS AND SAVING OF EXTREMITIES HBO FOR RADIATION INDUCED LESIONS – OUR 10 YEARS EXPERIENCE Dilemma in severe diabetic foot infection- CASE STUDY. To amputate or not to amputate, immediately?  To try with Role of HBI in Limb Replantation Conducting Randomized Controlled Clinical Trails-Challenges, Pitfalls, Solutions Strict belief in RCTs is unethical Is it unethical not to do RCTs? HYPERBARIC OXYGEN THERAPY IN THE MANAGEMENT OF CRUSH INJURIES Meeting urgent care needs with resources available, a 167 facility`s experience Advocating for 247 Hyperbaric Medicine Availability Analyzing & Modifying Medical Equipment Risk Assessment & Mitigation Equipment considerations for the multiple chamber environment in the Europe Equipment considerations for the multiple chamber environment in the USA Loss of Key Equipment Challenges Monoplace Chamber Critical Care Capabilities Educational standards in Europe European Guidelines fo post-graduate Education in Hyperbaric Medicine Hyperbaric Medicine’s Educational Standards: USA Perspective STROKE AND TBI Lymphedema The effecets of combined hyperbaric oxygen therapy, compression-decengestion physical therapy and vacusas t DDRC Healthcare Facility Safety Report Consequences of Hyperbaric Safety and Operational Lapses Inside Attendant Decompression Sickness: Summary of Reported Incidence & Risk Hyperbaric Staff Member Accidents and Injuries: Lessons Learnt No DCS – What We Should Aim For! DIVING ACCIDENTS TREATED AT THE HYPERBARIC CENTER OF TUNIS

Training of Hyperbaric Personnel the European Perspective

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